Wow!!! It's the 23rd year of Ixion@Cadwell

Ixion@Cadwell #23 will instantiate itself on Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th of September 2019.

Cadwell will once more see the massed ranks of Ixies and their friends assemble to spit in the face of Global Recession, dare the Weather Gods to do their worst and gratuitously squander the World's hydrocarbon reserves by riding their motorcycles round and round the circuit.

In the ages old traditions of the event, new faces will be put to email addresses, acquaintances will be renewed, old chums remembered, hands shaken, bikes looked at, bikes fixed, urine extracted, beer consumed, gizago promises fulfilled, intersession bull dispensed and those much loved, even on the fourteenth telling, trackday excuses regurgitated (mainly by Orb assuming he keeps to his word and actually turns up with a motorcycle this year).

Ho Yes Indeed, Ixion@Cadwell.XXII will be the usual fantasmagorical two day funfest of first class friendship, frolicks, food and all the other bits that make Ixion@Cadwell just so good but don't begin with an 'f'.

How can you even contemplate not being there ?

On the Friday evening, there will be the much anticipated gathering for food'n'fun at the Kings Head in Louth. A truly great way to wind down after the tracktime and round off the whole Ixion@Cadwell experience. Book your dinner place at the same time as you book your trackday places. Friends and family very welcome.

These pages should tell you all you need to know about the event; if they don't then please tell me (Ruffle) what's missing. I most strongly suggest that you read all of the pages - especially the ones on times, clothing and Safety Check (previously known as scrutineering and which includes useful stuff on the noise testing regime), to avoid turning up on the day and finding that your gear isn't up to scratch, your bike is too noisey, you've missed signing on or you've forgotten something important.

As in previous years, we will run a no-extra-charge evening two-group session on the Thursday just so that you really can have your fill of tracktime; and all for the total price of £200 (two days and an evening would cost £275 with Nolimits or MSV and they don't give you a commemorative T-Shirt).

On the Friday evening there will something happening... stay tuned.

Camping Charge Change:

Campers please note: It's now FREE... well sort of.

From 2016, MSV have had a change of heart and no longer want to chase everyone in a tent for a tenner. Instead they have added a £75 charge on top of the trackhire fee to cover all the camping.

This means that those of us with the sense to stay in Hotels and B&Bs are subsidising all you tightwad campers :-)

Bike Mounted Cameras:

If you're planning on using a camera to film from your bike (for personal use only) please be aware that MSV, the circuit owners, have said that they won't allow any helmet mounted cameras and if you're using a bike mounted camera then it's a) got to be bolted on (suckers just won't do) and b) not tank mounted (presumably so it doesn't remove blokes dangley bits should they 'get it all wrong').

If not being able to use your on-bike camera will make you sob'n'cry'n'sniffle then I suggest contacting Cadwell Park circuit directly to confirm that your kit is acceptable.

Driving Licence: While it's still important to bring your driving licence with you, if you should happen to forget it then it should be possible to get the circuit management to ring DVLA and get confirmation of your licence details (unless the rules get changed again).

Cadwell do make a charge for this (£10 AFAIR) a portion of which gets donated to the Air Ambulance fund.

Of course, phoning DVLA and doing all the paperwork will take a while and you will lose track time as a consequence. So, please take every effort to remember your license but don't abandon all hope if you have mislaid it or wreck your entire house searching for it <waves: Hi Katrina>.

MSV rules say that your license must be a full (not provisional or 33bhp restricted) UK Motorcycle Road License (or foreign equivalent) or an ACU Road Race License (again foreign licenses are OK but you'll need to contact MSV prior to the event to check and get prior approval for non-UK race licenses).

Stuff you Should Read
When and Where? Safety Checks Clothing
Track Craft
Accomodation Organisers

Booking isn't open yet.... should be open in late June/early July (I'd rather not open it earlier as the admin task just increases with early bookings).

The booking is controlled by the most excellent Mallard Booking System; written and maintained by Adam Curtin and Robin Szemeti to whom I owe a great deal of thanks.

Group Names

In the now long standing tradition of Ixion@Cadwell Trackdays, the groups are named Tiggers, Piglets and Eeyores - much more descriptive than the normal Fast, Medium and Slow that other trackdays use :-)

For the Thursday evening session (which won't be costing you a penny extra) the two groups will be Tiglets and Pigores - you can probably work out why ;-)

For anyone not familiar with the attributes of each group, the following explanations might, or might not, be helpful.
Eeyores (Slowest Group) - Pleasant, Convivial, Relaxed folk who enjoy a nice ride in the Lincolnshire countryside whilst admiring the well maintained shrubberies surrounding the circuit. Often heard to say 'No, after you' on the approach to corners. Eeyores have no known predators - their survival rate and longevity being legendary.
Piglets (Medium Group) - have occasionally been known to be overcome by a pink mist. Not very interested in the Shrubbery surrounding the circuit... until hard on the brakes into Hall Bends; when the attraction of playing to the gallery can overcome their normal sensibilities and their sudden but consuming interest in the grassy patches can be fully appreciated. Piglets main predator is schizophrenia - they don't know if they're Piglets because they're too fast to be Eeyores or too slow to be Tiggers. Piglets are easily confused.
Tiggers Fast Group - Bouncy and full of fun. Tiggers are intimately familiar with the Shubbery at most race circuits; indeed they have an almost sexual attraction towards grass, trees and bushes - especially when the aforementioned vegetation is clad in an alluring layer of rubber (in the form of old tyres). Tiggers are often seen playing in sandpits or adjusting their gloves to avoid unanticipated bunching. The major predator of Tiggers is a small planet that occasionally collides with them.


MotorSportVision Ltd require everyone to complete a disclaimer as part of the signon process. I try and get an eel'ecktronick version for you to download. When I do the link will be here ><.

Russell's UK Trackdays Page might be worth reading if you're a newbie and need some general tips on trackdays or just want to read some, now very very outdated (it was written in the nineties), reviews of trackdays.

Cadwell Circuit pages

Have a look at the official MSV Cadwell Page.

...and of course, there's the Team Ixion pages for the truly tarmac obsessed and generally insane. should probably appear too!

Right: If you've made it right the way down here, then I suggest you go back to the stuff you should read and read it. G'wan... do it.... now!
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